Thursday, August 1, 2013

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday's Summaries

Just a little update on my life for the past few months. 

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

How the Time Flies.

Well It seems that half of 2012 has come and gone. Here are a few highlights from the previous months.

January  was a busy little month.

01. Joshua and I got a new little baby bird.        02.  Took a mini vacation in Nashville.

    03. We went our friends' wedding.                      04. I'm getting closer to finishing my arm!

February was full of fun as well; Joshua and I celebrated out 5 year anniversary; as well a valentines day. Later that month, Paiger and I went on a sister trip for a few fun days in Chicago!
01. Paiger and I waiting on the El.                        02.  Chicago sign.

    03. Hershey's stop before Topshop.                   04. Shedd's aquarium. 

March was all about relaxation. 
One of the best book to films adaptation I've seen.

 01. The weather finally warmed up.                  02. We had our first Sno of the season!
                                                                                      (Wedding Cake is the very best)

April was by far the most wonderful month!
My sweet Joshua asked me to marry him, and obviously I said yes. 
I cannot wait to share little snippets of the planning process and engagement celebration!

May has been a sweet little month. Joshua and I took an engagement trip to St. Louis, and ventured into unexplored parts of Memphis together. 
01. View from our hotel in St. Louis        02."Tree star" found at St. Louis Botanical Garden.
03. A fun second hand book/music store.   04. Lovebird initial bracelets.  

I expect June to treat me very well. This first week has been fun, and I've got lots of plans for the rest of the summer. I hope y'all's first half of the year has been as happy as mine.