Sunday, December 4, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

Every episode of Dexter (season six [6]) has pulled me to the edge of my seat.  I love all the religious inferences made through out this season. Yes, I understand the former seasons (one [1] – five [5]) all brought in the concept of morals via Harry’s code; but this is different, Dexter is considering that every person has a dark passenger, but they also have the light that Brother Sam talks about. This season has seriously blown my mind on a few occasions; I cannot wait to see how this twist with Travis pans out.

This show! This show is like Kingdom Hospital meets The Shining. It’s weird, deranged, and creepy; the plot line keeps you wondering; and it’s well written. It is a little coarse; so, I wouldn’t advise watching this with your grandmother.

Thanksgiving my nephew had this on the television; I had already seen Super8 in theaters over the summer, but even then I knew it was worth a re-watch. This is undeniably a mash up of S. Spielberg’s greatest movies. The kids are all part of a film group (The Goonies), and while shooting a new scene, they witness a horrific train crash. Later, it is found out that the military was using this train to move alien technology (E.T.). There are even some vague references to Jaws, Close Encounters, and Arachnophobia. I found the ending to be a bit lack luster and abrupt. This movie takes the position of showing a mystery through the eyes of children. I highly recommend it!

During the holidays I get into crafting mode. This year I even made my own advent calendar. I’m also trying to get all list of home project checked off before the New Year. Here’s a pick at what I’ve been doing around the apt:

·        I have legitimately become a home barista:
Pumpkin Spiced Latte.
After I found the recipe for the mocha below I started adding about one (1) tbsp. white chocolate chips, and it seriously is better than Starbucks.

White Peppermint Mocha.
I replaced the truffles with two (2) – three (3) tbsp. white chocolate chips; because the chips are half the price of a small bag of truffles.

·        After researching thousands of cute inexpensive gifts to give colleagues (i.e. co-workers, professors, classmates, ect…) I stumbled across these cute little guys.   
via this blog 

·         “Decking the halls” hasn’t popped out of our advent calendar yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from finding a multitude of inspiration, namely these two.
 DIY found here.

DIY found HERE.

·        I start listening to Christmas music in the early November (award yourself 5 awesome-ness points if you caught that reference). Here are the two (2) I’ve been listening to on repeat.  

A Very She & Him Christmas. 

 Sufjan Stevens - Songs for Christmas

·        Favorite memory from November was our day trip to St. Louis. Thanksgiving was fun, and I enjoy spending time with family, but this trip was seamlessly perfect.

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