Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Summaries

This was a fun filled week! A mini get-away was just what I needed to breathe some life back into my lazy tail. I feel so motivated, and ready to finish so many half started projects.

Monday the girl & I both seemed to be feeling rather puny. We did a lot of lounging on the couch while reading Green Eggs and Ham or watching Max and Ruby. Later in class I found myself literally falling asleep (I was like centimeters from crashing into the ground). I have not slept in class since freshman year of high school. I am chalking that weirdness up to whatever 24 hour sleepy bug I caught.

Tuesday My ladies and I went back to that Thai Bistro place, but it was not as yummy as I remembered; next time, I will have to order something different. Since both my ladies had to work, I ventured off on a solo shopping excursion. My plan was to find a pair of Jeans for Thursday’s appointment, but I didn’t have any luck. I have come to the conclusion that my body was just not made for jeans; my waist to hip ratio just doesn’t allow for it.

Wednesday started off a bit chaotic. Because of our work schedules JP and I had to drive as far as Jackson in separate cars, and then we joined forces for the remaining 2 hour journey to Clarksville. We ended up getting a REALLY crappy hotel room at a Super 8. While JP was partaking in bike night festivities I was doing what I do best, shop. The Clarksville TJ Maxx is one on my very favorites. They always have interesting jewelry, purses, and things for your home (pictured below are the two items that I purchased). After reading a tiny bit for class I met up with JP @ one of his buddy’s house and chilled there for a while.

Thursday could not have gone more smoothly. We found the perfect parking spot, free and a block away from the building. The tattoos turned out stunning. I was lucky enough to get a nice photo on the one on my arm; so, I will shared that below. After spending close to six hours in the chair I was starving. We found ourselves picking this little pizza place located in Edge Hill. It was mediocre. I’m not a huge pizza lover, but this dough was a burnt and wet.

Friday I was supposed to attend traffic court that night, or was I? In reality, the court I was “supposed” to attend was actually scheduled for that morning. By the time I realized this I was two hours late. To lift my mood, Jp & I went to see Drive; which was an exceptionally wonderful movie. Granted, there are a few “awkward” silent parts, but in real life I feel that those parts would have also been awkward silences. It would seem that I was just a couch potato that day, the only other thing worth mention is Supernatural’s season premiere. I could ramble on about this show for months, but all that needs to be said about this episode is watch it!

I will attempt to make my own pumpkin spice lattes; and folks, I DO advise for you to try this in your own homes. I have about 4 DIY projects that have been left hanging around in purgatory, and some reading to catch up on. I am hoping for this week to be pretty chill.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

ABCs of Lyndseelou

Age: twenty-four.

Bed size: queen.

Chore that you hate: any thing involving the floor; mopping, sweeping, vacuuming.

Dogs: technically one baby dog (Gilbert), but he lives with my momma since she has a backyard, and can give him all the attention he rightfully deserves. She also has 3 other Pekingese puppies; which are basically mine as well ;)

Essential start to your day: Morning cup of coffee, an episode of whatever TV show I’m addicted to atm (right now its numbers), Pepper in my lap, and Blogloving.

Favorite color: any shade of yellow or green; preferably, a shade of butter cream or avocado.  

Gold or silver: rose Gold if possible, but gold over silver always.

Height: 5’1’’ in heels maybe 5’6’’

Instruments you play: harmonica.

Job title: student, mca, girlfriend, sister, daughter, nanny.

Kids: 2 furbaby – Gilbert & Pepper. 1 featherbaby – Jasper (working on the second)

tennessee, united states

Mother’s name: momma or mommy, but you can call her patricia (just as long as you never call me that)

Nicknames: lyndseelou, patty mayo, patsy, pooh, knee-cee, and my baby sister affectionately calls me big butt.  

Overnight hospital stays: N/A

Pet peeves: mean/rude people, not using a coaster, asking how much a tattoo cost, and then proceeded to grab & inspect them (that one really disturbs me!)

Quote from a movie: “… [T]hat woman that you just have to spend the rest of your life with … that was me.”

Right or left handed: right.
Siblings: paiger, 5 years younger.

Television: Supernatural, Being Human, Dr. Who, and

Underwear: helps you not get infections.

Vegetable you hate: pickled beets.

What makes you run late: the universe working against me, everyday.

X-Rays you’ve had: collar bone, finger, hand, knee, pelvis, shoulder, sinus, skull, teeth.

Yummy food that you make: pancakes and salads.

Zoo animal: birds & animals of the night.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sunday Summaries

Regrettably, I do not have too many pictures of all the fun things that happened this week. Most of the time my phone was either foolishly left at the apt or hiding somewhere in the car. Regardless, I truly had a first-rate week!

Monday was a good day! The girlie and I spent the day cuddled up watching movies and reading books. After my nanny gig on Mondays I have class, but it was let out early; taking this as a sign from the shopping gods, I headed to the mall. My first stop was the MAC counter at Macy’s but they were sold out of everything that I looked appealing. I then went to the juniors section, and stumbled across the Material Girl line. This line is really cute and trendy, but it tends to run a size small in the bottoms. I ended up spending a few dollars at Forever21 (post on this later). I was in a bit of a hurry because there was goings on happen at the apt. I ended the night falling asleep during the start of Breaking Bad.

Tuesday I escorted my BFF to the court house to pay some fines; yes, an escort is needed whenever you have to go to 201 Popular. We then ventured a little further downtown to eat lunch at Huey’s, but those plans were nixed when we came across this little Thai Bistro place. When I got back to the apt JP was making black bean burgers and sweet potato fries for supper. Went to class; which was let out early and canceled for this upcoming Tuesday.

Wednesday is a total blank.

 Thursday was my mommy’s birthday! There was quick trip to Bath and Body Works for a few fall scented candles, and then we headed 5 mins down the road to my mommy’s house for a celebration! This time was mainly spent in the backyard with the dogs. Afterwards, JP and I went to lunch at Chili’s, checked out the homey sections at TJ Maxx and Target, and headed back to my mom’s for a quick Birthday bite of cake, The rest of the night was spent cuddled up on the couch.

Friday I got all made up for a movie day with my mister; we went to see Contagion, which I thought was a pretty good movie. It was not a thrilling or suspenseful as the trailer would have you think. We had dinner plans that were about an hour away that night. So, much of our time home was spent packing, cleaning up, and getting the animals situated.

So, typing this, my week does not sound very eventful, but for the past two week I have been sleeping in until at least 10 and going to bed mega early, like before 12. So, when you add homework, extra house work, crafting time, and squeezing in some JP, Pepper, and Jasper time to the equation it makes for quite a busy day.

Goal this week is to start waking up earlier, and checking off everything on my list for the day.
Week is going to be filled with fun girl day dates, mister and miss road trips, tattoos, bike night, shopping trips, and maybe a movie.  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Busy Lou!

School has made me into such a busy little lou! I’ve also had a number of homey projects that have occupied my free time. Fall is probably my very favorite season; the beautiful cool layering weather, pumpkin spiced things being sold in stores, and plenty of couch cuddling! What more could a girl ask for? My favorite fall tradition, so to speak, is nesting. It never fails, the cooler the weather makes the need for a cozy home grow more and more vital. When I was still living with mother my cozy list usually consisted of very few items; a pumpkin scented candle, a new art project, and maybe sprucing up my closet a bit. This year, since I have my own apartment, it has grown into Santa’s naught and nice list. So far I have bought: supplies for three art projects, 2 decorative pillows, a throw, 10 candles (3 of them being purely pumpkin scented), 6 owls, 2 rugs, a few frames (that I do no have pictures for), and an overload of organizational items. I have also started restructuring my bathroom and bedroom closets. This week I spent a good majority of my free time starting projects, going through and tossing out rubbish from the summer, and find homes for my new little trinkets. My apt look anything but cozy! My goal for Monday & Tuesday is to finish my entire list before we leave Wednesday for a mini vacation. I am looking forward to sharing the finished products with y’all. Be looking forward to various little peeks of my hard work. At some point and time this month (maybe the first day Autumn) I would like to make some apple cider, apple butter, and apple cider doughnuts, and consume them.  What are some of your fall traditions?

Here are some of my cozy home inspirations:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Newest Addition.

After months of deliberation, we decided that it was time to adopt another kitty. We went into this decision knowing that we wanted little one this time, about a year or less, but had no stipulations the gender. Wednesday, after lunch with Paiger and Mom, JP and I ventured to Petsmart to pick out our new little one. We skipped the shelter because we would have ended up with at least two, and we are not equipped to handle that right now. A little girl won our hearts almost straight away, and the next day we were able to call her ours. The shelter had named her Peppermint, but we shortened it to Pepper; like her name she is a spicy little thing. She has already broken a plate while trying to snag a piece of steak, jumped on numerous items of furniture where kitties just do no belong (one being the top of the oven), and head butted a window while trying to catch a bird that was passing by. She’s a handful, but I know she will end up being the best little cat. She doesn’t seem to mind Jasper too much; I wouldn’t leave the two of them alone for extended periods of time. Jasper likes to watch her bounce throughout the apt, causing mischief along the way. I see fantastical stories ahead for the four of us. We’re already such a happy little family.

Sunday Summaries

This week was the beginning of the fall semester. I had snapped a few outfits, but cannot seem to find them. I didn’t have a particularly busy or eventful week. These pictures pretty much summarize it. 

We also ate at this really yummy Thai place down the street form my apt, but I didn’t get any shots. The place is called Bhan Thai, and if you are ever in the midtown area of Memphis I recommend going there.

Next week:
I work Labor day, but afterwards I am hoping to go see Fright Night; this was one of my favorite movies when I was younger. The Fair is in town! I hope to being visiting it at least once. I plan on rearranging/redecoration my living room this week; be on the look out for a few small DIY projects.


Wheeeeeew! What a crazy, eventful, incredible, summer it has been. I am finally able to put up some pictures from our Holiday in Chicago (which was almost a month ago). Chicago was seriously AMAZING! I didn’t wanna come back. I realize this is the way 90 percent of people feel while on holiday, but in reality I really want to move there; it was perfect. We stayed five days, and still didn’t accomplish everything we set out to do. We will be returning in the spring.Here are a few bits from our adventures around city

I was impressed with the public transportation system; it was relatively clean, easy to navigate, and  reasonably close to most places.

We did some tourist-y things like; go to a Cubs game, Lincoln Park Zoo, Sears Tower, Navy Pier, and go to Milleum Park. Even when we’re locals I think a few of these will be favorite places to visit.

Things we missed:
The Art Institute, Field Museum, Beach, Eating a deep dish pizza, Chinatown during the sunlight.
I cannot wait to be back there in the Spring time; there is tons of fun still to be had there.

All these being said, I know I haven’t blogged nearly enough this summer. Now that school is in session again I’ll have somewhat of a routine going on (no more running around various states like a mad woman); making it easier to allow blogging time. I look forward to sharing little snippets of my life with y’all.