Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Newest Addition.

After months of deliberation, we decided that it was time to adopt another kitty. We went into this decision knowing that we wanted little one this time, about a year or less, but had no stipulations the gender. Wednesday, after lunch with Paiger and Mom, JP and I ventured to Petsmart to pick out our new little one. We skipped the shelter because we would have ended up with at least two, and we are not equipped to handle that right now. A little girl won our hearts almost straight away, and the next day we were able to call her ours. The shelter had named her Peppermint, but we shortened it to Pepper; like her name she is a spicy little thing. She has already broken a plate while trying to snag a piece of steak, jumped on numerous items of furniture where kitties just do no belong (one being the top of the oven), and head butted a window while trying to catch a bird that was passing by. She’s a handful, but I know she will end up being the best little cat. She doesn’t seem to mind Jasper too much; I wouldn’t leave the two of them alone for extended periods of time. Jasper likes to watch her bounce throughout the apt, causing mischief along the way. I see fantastical stories ahead for the four of us. We’re already such a happy little family.

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