Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Summaries

This was a fun filled week! A mini get-away was just what I needed to breathe some life back into my lazy tail. I feel so motivated, and ready to finish so many half started projects.

Monday the girl & I both seemed to be feeling rather puny. We did a lot of lounging on the couch while reading Green Eggs and Ham or watching Max and Ruby. Later in class I found myself literally falling asleep (I was like centimeters from crashing into the ground). I have not slept in class since freshman year of high school. I am chalking that weirdness up to whatever 24 hour sleepy bug I caught.

Tuesday My ladies and I went back to that Thai Bistro place, but it was not as yummy as I remembered; next time, I will have to order something different. Since both my ladies had to work, I ventured off on a solo shopping excursion. My plan was to find a pair of Jeans for Thursday’s appointment, but I didn’t have any luck. I have come to the conclusion that my body was just not made for jeans; my waist to hip ratio just doesn’t allow for it.

Wednesday started off a bit chaotic. Because of our work schedules JP and I had to drive as far as Jackson in separate cars, and then we joined forces for the remaining 2 hour journey to Clarksville. We ended up getting a REALLY crappy hotel room at a Super 8. While JP was partaking in bike night festivities I was doing what I do best, shop. The Clarksville TJ Maxx is one on my very favorites. They always have interesting jewelry, purses, and things for your home (pictured below are the two items that I purchased). After reading a tiny bit for class I met up with JP @ one of his buddy’s house and chilled there for a while.

Thursday could not have gone more smoothly. We found the perfect parking spot, free and a block away from the building. The tattoos turned out stunning. I was lucky enough to get a nice photo on the one on my arm; so, I will shared that below. After spending close to six hours in the chair I was starving. We found ourselves picking this little pizza place located in Edge Hill. It was mediocre. I’m not a huge pizza lover, but this dough was a burnt and wet.

Friday I was supposed to attend traffic court that night, or was I? In reality, the court I was “supposed” to attend was actually scheduled for that morning. By the time I realized this I was two hours late. To lift my mood, Jp & I went to see Drive; which was an exceptionally wonderful movie. Granted, there are a few “awkward” silent parts, but in real life I feel that those parts would have also been awkward silences. It would seem that I was just a couch potato that day, the only other thing worth mention is Supernatural’s season premiere. I could ramble on about this show for months, but all that needs to be said about this episode is watch it!

I will attempt to make my own pumpkin spice lattes; and folks, I DO advise for you to try this in your own homes. I have about 4 DIY projects that have been left hanging around in purgatory, and some reading to catch up on. I am hoping for this week to be pretty chill.

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