Sunday, September 4, 2011


Wheeeeeew! What a crazy, eventful, incredible, summer it has been. I am finally able to put up some pictures from our Holiday in Chicago (which was almost a month ago). Chicago was seriously AMAZING! I didn’t wanna come back. I realize this is the way 90 percent of people feel while on holiday, but in reality I really want to move there; it was perfect. We stayed five days, and still didn’t accomplish everything we set out to do. We will be returning in the spring.Here are a few bits from our adventures around city

I was impressed with the public transportation system; it was relatively clean, easy to navigate, and  reasonably close to most places.

We did some tourist-y things like; go to a Cubs game, Lincoln Park Zoo, Sears Tower, Navy Pier, and go to Milleum Park. Even when we’re locals I think a few of these will be favorite places to visit.

Things we missed:
The Art Institute, Field Museum, Beach, Eating a deep dish pizza, Chinatown during the sunlight.
I cannot wait to be back there in the Spring time; there is tons of fun still to be had there.

All these being said, I know I haven’t blogged nearly enough this summer. Now that school is in session again I’ll have somewhat of a routine going on (no more running around various states like a mad woman); making it easier to allow blogging time. I look forward to sharing little snippets of my life with y’all.

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