Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunday Summaries

Ugh, this week has sucked, sucked, SUCKED! I'd prefer not to recap, but I will anyways.

Tuesday JP and I finally came home! We did nothing all day but clean the apt and play with Press. I would have spent more time with her had I known that these would be the last hours we had together :(

Wednesday I had a Dentist appointment at nine in the morning, but luckily, I had a surprise waiting for me when I got home.  My July Brichbox! I was MUCH happier with this month's box.
Later that day (after giving Press her fateful meds), JP and I met up with some friends from Jackson to see The Tree of Life. I liked it, it was nothing like I expected but still visually a beautiful movie. Afterward, we went to my mommy's to grill out. 

UGH Thursday, the worst day! We rushed Press to the emergency vet in the wee hours of Thursday morning, and had to leave her there :( It's been almost a week and I still cry every night. 

Friday-Sunday were work days. So, there's not much to tell.  

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