Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Gifts for the Beauty Conscious :


This can be a multipurpose gift, when split into two (2) or four (4) different homemade beauty kits. One idea would be to give a mineral powered and attach one (1) of these brushes along with it. Another would be to pair it with a must have beauty item (i.e. blush or bronzer). Need a stocking stuffer? Wrap one (1) or two (2) of these with cellophane and topped with a pretty ribbon: toss into stocking. Standing alone, these brushes would be a beautiful gift. Eco Tools are a steal for the price.

Benefit is basically inviting people to commit a robbery by selling this product so cheap! These bottles are such beauties that you could easily break these into individual gifts. These would be a lovely addition to a beauty set for a lucky lady. At this price you might be tempted to purchase a set for yourself.

With all the festivities going on this time a year a girls skin can start to look lackluster from little sleep and lots of celebrating. This little lump does wonders to restore skin’s grandeur. This could be a little gag gift for a secret Santa; just place inside a mini stocking.

I had wanted to give my girls something similar to this, but couldn’t find charms that would mean anything special or that didn’t cost three (3) times my budget. These little guys are super reasonable in price, and mega cute. This is a fun little gift that can be personalized to mean something dear to the most close of friends.

This is great for a true beauty guru. It gives an opportunity for exploration by letting the subscriber sample a variety of products; some they may have never even heard of. These types of services provide a choice on how many months you want to provide as a gift. Below is a link showing the various websites and the regions they ship to; there are also a few clothing, shoes, and food sites listed as well.

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