Saturday, November 26, 2011

last two (2) weeks via instagram.

01. Pepper trying to distract me from homework, by enticing me to play. 02. Work station fully stocked with sweet tea and snacks. I have seen this spot of the apt. a great deal lately. There was a homework pile almost reaching the ceiling, but I have got it to a much more manageable height now.

We celebrated friendsgiving the Thursday before Thanksgiving; it was a big hit; lots of yummy food, fun people, and brilliant times. 01. JP made some scratch mac & cheese (can you spy the secret ingredient?).  02. I tried my hand at baking, and made miniature pineapple upside down cakes.

01. Theses sweet little miniature Dunkin Doughnut items made my Monday night. Does anyone else thing they would be even cuter as key rings?  02. Festive nail polish. True story, this color, Get in the Espresso lane by OPI, is meant to be a very chocolate-ly  brown. For some reason, it decided to be a very muddy black on my finger nails.

01. Thanksgiving day outfit 2011. I was on the schedule to work Thanksgiving day, but since my unit was close I got the holiday off. J I love Thanksgiving because I can wear a simple outfit with jeans, and not feel underdressed or outta place.  02. While driving, in the car, to JP’s family function I came across this little beauty. What is even better, I saw a hawk take off from in front of the shed. It was quite magical.

01. Walmart’s Black Friday lines at . This is when we decided to go back to bed till .  02. Pepper with a belly full of turkey. She is telling me how thankful she is to have a lap to nap in.

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