Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beauty & Fashion Favorites for the Month of October.

I am not only a little late for monthly favorites, but this is my first time compiling a favorites list. I classify the items into two (2) different groups; so, tomorrow I will have non-beauty favorites, without further ado …

1.       Nars Danmari All About Cheeks Palette $65.00 only at Sephora.

Top Row:
Hungry Heart (ivory colored highlight with golden flecks),
Super Orgasm (pigmented pinky peach blush with lots of chunky gold glitter),
Desire (matte bubble gum pink blush with blue undertones)

Bottom Row:
Casino (true deep matte brown bronzer with very fine gold reflects),
Orgasm (sheer peachy pink blush with small specs of gold glitter),
Sin (pinky mauve blush with a gold shimmer)

When this beautiful palette found its way into my life I had been on a mission to simplify every aspect of my little life, a detailed post on this later this month. An overwhelming aspect of my life is my gigantic makeup collection, half of which is unused. Okay, before I go off on a tangent, I received an e-mail from Sephora about this item, and I took it as a sign. This was my first NARS product, and I am seriously impressed. I was scared that Casino would be way too dark for me, and Desire looked like it was made for cooler skin tones; but with a light hand all turned out fabulous. I have been wearing Sin over Casino in the contour area of my face. It give a warm natural flush to the face.

2. Lush’s Color Supplement in Light Yellow $17.95

While catching up on Youtube videos, I saw Dulce Candy rave about this. Even though I already recently purchase Revlon’s Photofinish foundation, I rushed out to my Lush to try this out. (My skin is technically combo, but I can get a good deal greasy on my forehead and nose area.) I tried mixing it with a bit of moisturize, but even with my mineral powder it was not a pretty sight. I then opted to use it under my mineral powder, and have not looked back sense. The finish is just so natural; sometimes, I don’t even use a powder. The only semi con is that even with two (2) coats the coverage is barely medium. If you don’t mind using concealer on problem areas then its not a big thing. A BIG pro to this is my skin has never been in better condition.

For a little more information on the product please click the link below.
(It will pull up the shade I use but you can easily find information on the other shades Lush offers)

3.      Urban Decay Naked Palette $48

Yes yes! I know, I am late to jump on this train, but as I said earlier I have been on a mission to simplify, and palettes are perfect for this. There are hundreds upon thousands of reviews and post on this product. I will my final word on the matter is believe all the hype; this palette is fantastic!

4.      Butter London Wallis $14

Butter London Polishes are amazing in general, but Wallis is once of the prettiest colors I have come across. It looks like a metallic olive color in the bottle, but when you actually apply it your eyes pick up the massive amount of gold flecks the polish contains.

5.  Forever21 Camel Blazer

So just incase it’s not obvious by not now I become easily OBSESSED with things. When I noticed the world around me wearing camel blazers, and looking especially chic, I decided my black blazer would no longer do. I began the search by scouring the interwebs, mainly eBay. I found some great blazers that fit neatly into my price range, about fifty ($50) dollars; but sometimes the quality of eBay clothes aren’t what you expect from the pictures. This was to be one of my key pieces this fall. This particular one was 29.95. I have found that if you treat your Forever items like designer (ei. take care in washing, no drying, ect.) they can last longer than expected. This blazer looks fabulous with EVERYTHING; it might be one of my top purchase of 2011.

5.  Tights, Socks, & Boots

I wear tons of dresses and skirts; I have never felt one hundred percent (100%) comfortable in jeans. When the  weather turns cooler I must put more layers on my legs; tights, socks, and boots are not only a favorite look of mine, but a MUST to keep me warm.

Tomorrow I will be back with non-beauty favorites for the month of October.

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