Saturday, November 12, 2011

Motivation ... or lack there of ...

It has been brought to my attention that this past week I have been ridiculously LAZY! I skipped Monday and Tuesday night class, along with the homework. I passed out before 10 and slept in late four (4) outta five (5) days. The gym only saw me twice for a very limited time; even, random people in my building asked why I stopped going to the gym. Oh but, it all felt so wonderful. I deserved every bit of that slacking off. I have had a nonstop crazy busy couple of months, and I really needed that week of rest. Sadly, I must drive back into my routine starting tomorrow (11/13/11). 

Now I am slightly worried about this. I have heard it only takes fourteen (14) days (I'm halfway there, yikes!) to form a habit, and twenty-one (21) to break one. I am kinda smack dab in the middle of these to numbers; only 7 more days to form habits of not showing for class, not doing homework or housework, and never working out again. Luckily, my trusty brain has formed a wonderful solution, GOALS!

Things to Accomplish by the end of Next Week:

  1. Drink more water & less coffee & pop. I probably consumed, at least, three (3) coffee type beverages daily. Nobody needs that much sugar and milk in their system. 
  2. Hit the gym everyday. Skipping my workouts, coupled with eating junk, is the reason I feel asleep so early.
  3. Allow 2 hours of the day for some school work. Skipping those classes really put me behind. If I am ever going to catch up I have to get serious. 

These goal are things that are with in my reach. I just cannot succumb to mindless television shows, celebrity gossip magazines, trashy novels, and sweet rich coffees. I am optimistic about the results of this week. Wish me luck!

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