Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sunday Summaries

 Monday’s Highlights:

  • Caught up on Dexter.
  • Skipped Origins of Law.
  • Came home to these two faces.
  • Went to look at watches with JP.
  • Bought/Found a truly spectacular under garment from Aerie (Drew).

The Strange: 

  • While JP and I were looking at watches, the lady that was helping us was also hitting on me. This happened twice while inside Macy’s on two separate occasions with two different women.

Tuesday’s Highlights:

  • Walked through downtown Memphis.
  • Found good cases during my research.
  • Picked new glasses up.

The Strange: 

  • We started The Human Centipede which was way too creepy to watch all the way through, without nightmares.

Wednesday’s Highlights:
  • Got a sweet pot holder.
  • Went on a mini date night at El Toro Loco.
  • Spent some time with my mommy and the pups.

The Strange:

  • Finding clumps of used litter all throughout the house. Upon closer investigation, I found that little Zooey had stepped into used litter.
  • Giving the Zooey 3 baths that day (because of above reason).

Thursday’s Highlights:

  • Purchased new tires.
  • Ate a yummy homemade supper.
  • Went to the Sephora VIB event with a friend.

The Strange: 

  •  The fact that I just realized I have three (3) weeks of recyclables in the back seat of my car.

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